Typomania in other cities

Typomania Norilsk

East West Post exhibition — the main poster exhibition of Typomania 2018
Best videos from Typomania typographic video contest 2018
Organizers: Norilsk administration, «Rodina» cinema


Typomania Chelyabinsk
Typomania Ulan-Ude

September 28–30 Typomania festival 2018 in Ulan-Ude was held. During the event not only posters and videos from Moscow Typomania were presented, but also samples of Buryat-Mongolian calligraphy (Mongolian bichig), works of contemporary Mongolian designers, as well as posters and books from the storerooms of the National Museum of the Republic of Buryatia, the National Library of the Republic of Buryatia.
Curator of the Ulan-Ude exhibition: Dmitry Galsan.

Participants of the festival:
Alexander Vasin and Natalia Velchinskaya, Mongolian calligraphers (Tsegmid Tamir, Ganbaatar and others) and designers (Ido Nyamsuren, Mongol Dook, MONKO, OTGO, TAMIR and others). 


September 28, Friday
17:30 — Grand opening of the festival
18:30 — Calligraphic performance from calligraphers from Ulaanbaatar
19:00 — Performance from graphic designers of Mongolia
21:00 — Best typographic videos 2018

September 29, Saturday
10:00 — Calligraphy workshops
10:30 — «Typomania. How East makes friends with West»/ Alexander Vasin (Moscow)
12:00 — «Early writing culture of Mongolian nomads: from glyphs and graphemes until modern days» / IDO (Ulaanbaatar)
14:00 — Modern printing technology and the image of the book / Tatiana Altapova (Moscow, UP PRINT)
15:00 — «Calendar №1 — a project for designers» / Tatiana Altapova (Moscow, UP PRINT)
15:30 — «Uses and application into art» / Tamir (Ulaanbaatar)
16:30 — «The History of Mongolian calligraphy» / Mongolia
17:30 — "100 years of design" movie

September 30, Sunday
10:00 — Calligraphy workshops (in non-stop mode until 5 pm)
10:30 — «Alphabet in large scale» workshop / Alexander Vasin, Natalia Velchinskaya
14:00 — Mongolian calligraphy workshops
18:00 — «Hanzi» movie

October 1, Monday
10:00 — Discussion. Alexander Vasin and Natalia Velchinskaya (Moscow) on creative pedagogy «Never say „never“ or how to motivate a student»

Выставочная программа:

East-West. The main exhibition of the Moscow festival «TYPOMANIA-2018».

«RUDE Project» (Germany). Christine Huber poster project (Berlin – Frankfurt) http://www.be-ru.de

Erich Brechbühl (Switzerland), posters

Leonardo Sonnoli (Italy), posters

Shun Sasaki (Japan), posters

Johnston / Kingston (Switzerland) posters

Sarp Sozdinler (Turkey), posters

Modern Japanese poster (national exhibition)

«CHOKAVO» Poster action of Ulan-Uden «Zhyrgonisms and dialegtic».

«UB-POSTER: TYPOMANIA-2018», poster action by Ulaanbatar designers.

Joint exhibition of Ulaanbaatar calligraphers.

Exhibition of the calligraphy center «Tengairin Besheg / Heavenly Letter»
Joint calligraphy exhibition «Mongolian bichig.»

Exhibition of Dmitry Tugarinov (Ulan-Ude)
A selection of original calligraphy works.

Exhibition of rare posters and rare books of the National Museum of the Republic of Buryatia (Ulan-Ude)

Poster exhibition from the archives of the museum of the Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater USSR Tsydynzhapova (Ulan-Ude)

Exhibition of book rarities of the National Library of the Republic of Buryatia (Ulan-Ude)

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Interview with Dmitry Galsan:

Design action "CHOKOVO":

Typomania Ulan-Ude

On August 8, several events dedicated to the Mongolian Bichig Buryat-Mongolian traditional calligraphy were held at the Art Gallery of Asia.

– master class on Mongolian bichig from Ulan-Uden center of calligraphy «Tengeriin Besheg» («Heavenly Letter»)
– lecture by the well-known orientalist, leading historian of Buryatia, the author of the famous book «Buddhism and Empire», Doctor of Historical Sciences Nikolai Tsyrempilov: «Mongol Bichig: Origins and History»
– lecture by Darima Dambaeva, the chairman of the calligraphy center «Tengeriin Besheg»: «Buryat-Mongolian calligraphy yesterday and today»




Interview for Baikal media





Typomania Ulan-Ude

«Typomania.Ulan-Ude» is the continuation of the festival in the capital of Buryatia. The festival began on the 12th of July with the opening of poster exhibition «EAST WEST POST» in Art Gallery of Asia. Curator: Dmitry Galsan.

Reportages from the opening: Arigus News (on site Airgus), Festival teaserInfopolGazeta №1.

Announcements: Baikal MediaMinistry of Culture, Russia TV, Baikal Daily.

Dmitry Galsan's interview for Baikal Media.

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Typomania Arkhangelsk

Several poster exhibitions of famous designers from all over the world will open in the Dobrolyubov Library: Jianping He (Germany-China), Shun Sasaki (Japan), Leonardo Sonnoli (Italy), Johnson/Kingston (Switzerland), a joint exhibition of contemporary Japanese and Iranian posters. The West East Post is the central exhibition and at the same time the theme of the Tipomania festival in 2018. Dozens of famous graphic designers from around the world with the help of a poster revealed the meaning of the East-West combination. The program also includes several excursions, lectures, best videos from typography video contest.

Media: Region29, Pravda Severa, Brusnika, Culture.

Typomania Arkhangelsk

Participants of the «Large-scale Typesetting» draw a graffity in the Dobroyubov's backyard (curator of the workshop: Alexander Vasin). They invented, designed and painted 33 letters of the Russian alphabet on a long concrete fence.

The main goal was to make an unbroken line from the first letter «A» till the last «Я» so that the so that each previous letter becomes the background of the next letter, without forming voids.

Post on Region 22 


Typomania Tomsk

Curators: Alexander Vasin, Dmitry Galsan
Organizators: Siberian Branch of the State Center for Contemporary Arts (Rosizo), Center of Culture of Tomsk State University.
With the support: Pro Helvetia Moscow

Meeting with Swiss designers Erich Brechbühl (Mixer), Ludovic Balland, Ivan Weiss and Michael Kryenbühl (Johnson/Kingston studio). 

The experts discussed actual issues of design industry, the transformation of proffessional education in universities, the impact of technologies on the profession of graphic designer, the boundaies between design and other fields.

During the discussion «What's happening in contemporary design?» the Swiss designers talked with Tomsk colleagues and everyone who is interested in graphic design. Dmitry Galkin, curator of Typomania. Tomsk and director of Center of Culture of Tomsk State University moderated the event.

One of the key points of the discussion was the impact of the technologies on the work of a professional designer. Now anyone can use lots of digital devices and automate completely the creation of a logotype or a site. In general, experts do not see this as a serious threat to the profession, since there is a tendency for the design to become more democratic.

Also, experts note that there is a big difference between the design for the Internet and for printing. In the first case, it becomes template, it does not allow originality to appear, and in the second case, the designer is interested in original approaches and experiments, there is no place for standards.

In addition, during the discussion, the issue of modern university design education was raised. The experts discussed what universities should do in this area and how to react and integrate into the situation of the rapidly developing technological world. During open lectures the experts also spoke about their creative activities and projects in well-known design studios. Eric Brehbühl presented non-commercial projects that give him the opportunity to experiment and maintain interest in new technologies and design capabilities. Ivan Weiss and Michael Kryenbühl told about the B-sides music festival in Lucerne and the Poster book project dedicated to the review of what is happening in the world of graphic design in Lucerne.

During the festival, there was a presentation of the book «American readers at home» by Ludovic Balland about the perception of the news in the media by Americans.

Article on Center of Culture of Tomsk State University site


Typomania Sankt-Petersburg

6 June 19:00 — talk by High on Type team.
Novy museum, 6th Line of Vasilievsky Island

Curator: Mitya Kharshak
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Typomania Chelyabinsk

The author of the project Aerial Bold, antidisciplinary designer Benedict Gross spoke about his projects and speculative design, as well as why a modern designer needs programming.

The meeting was held as part of the exhibition of the project “Aerial Bold”, which is on display at the OkNo gallery of contemporary art with the support of Goethe-Institut Moskau.

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Typomania Tomsk

An unusual alphabet appeared on the fence of the Tomsk State University (TSU). Students and young designers collaborated on the project as a part of Typomania festival. Everyone chose his letter and, having developed an individual sketch, with the help of white string, depicted it on the fence.

«On the TSU fence, students and young designers and students created the Russian alphabet from A to Z. Each participant was offered his own letter, on which he developed an individual sketch. It was an important educational and creative task. The letter with all its design features must be first drawn and then made with a white string in the mesh of the fence », — reported RIA Tomsk Dmitry Galkin, director of the Institute of Art and Culture at the TSU.

He also clarified that the project «Tomsk alphabet» as a «graphic experiment» was implemented during the festival «Typomania.Tomsk» — a regional site of one of the largest design forums in Russia, the festival «Typomania» (held in Moscow since 2012). In TSU, the activities of «Typomania.Tomsk» are included in the festival program of the Institute of Art and Culture of the TSU for the 140th anniversary of the university.




Typomania Tomsk

Curators: Alexander Vasin, Dmitry Galkin
Organizators: Siberian Branch of the State Center for Contemporary Arts (Rosizo), Center of Culture of Tomsk State University.
With the support: Pro Helvetia Moscow

The exhibition «Typomania. Tomsk: Swiss typographic poster» features works by Erich Brechbühl (Mixer), Ludovic Balland, Ivan Weiss and Michael Kryenbühl (Johnson/Kingston studio).