Typomania Logo Competition


In 2018, the organizers of Tipomania decided not to use the existing festival logo. But instead they gave an opportunity to the designers from around the world to create it. Everyone is invited to make their own logo based on the individual brief, which could be generated on a special page.

31757675_122359705300604_1112638538186227712_n.jpg (304 KB)


Dear friends! Competition Typomania 2018 Logo Competition is over. We have received 505 logos from 23 countries in 2 months. The most interesting logos published in the Typomania Instagram. Best logos used in design and souvenir products of the festival. All the  participants of the competition will receive a poster with all the logos, which will be printed by the printing press Up print on Ciclus Ofset paper by Antalis.
Team logo contest: Stefan Lashko, Andrey Bogdanov, Olga Yakovleva, Sasha Vzorova, Diana Zinchenko, Zoya Belikova.