Pan Yi

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Pan Yi

Pan Yi — calligrapher, calligraphy teacher.

Born in 1973.
1980–1986 — Shabanzhuang Elementary School, Beijing;
1986–1989 — Secondary School at Beijing Industrial University;
1989–1993 — Beijing Trade College of Commerce.

Pan Yi, the master of calligraphy, studied this ancient art from school, as calligraphy is included in the compulsory program of the Chinese school. After graduating from school, Pan Yi honed his skills with master Hu Rongzhi for a long time. Pan Yi studied the styles of Yang Kaishu and Li Shu and in his teaching practice he adheres to the methods of teaching his teacher, Master Hu Rongzhi. “In ancient times, the art of calligraphy was the basis of education. In our time, it has lost its importance, but for those who strive for self-improvement, calligraphy is very important. There is an ancient wisdom in the art of calligraphy. This is an excellent for getting rid of inner fuss and anxiety.”

Pan Yi workshop in the Chainka club (ru)